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Scrnrcrd. - Free, simple screen recording No installs ...

Record your screen right from your browser without downloading a single thing. No watermarks, no restrictions, no extensions, just head over to the site, hit record then download your video.


The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts - Don't stop typing, or ...

Hey there! Dhaval and I acquired The Most Dangerous Writing App and upgraded it with 500+ prompts generator along with options to export your work in doc, PDF, DOCX, and more. As a result, we renamed it to The Most Dangerous Writing Prompts :) Enjoy.


Tinderface - See the Tinder profiles of your Facebook ...

(P.S. you might want to update your Tinder profile if it's embarrassing, since all your friends will be able to see it now thanks to Tinderface 😂) Basically, you can see the Tinder profiles of all your Facebook friends who are opted-in to Tinder Social.


Get a new virtual card for every transaction - Product Hunt is an innovative way to protect your personal information over the internet. Are you feeling uncomfortable using your credit card online?


The 28 Most-Loved Products That Launched This Past Month

For the first time ever, two different products with the same name made it to the top of our daily Product Hunt chart—on back-to-back days! Ping is the better version of a business card. When you enter an email address into the app, it’ll help you get to know more about the person you met and who they work for, as well as show you their social profiles so you can connect with them on other ...


Snaggy - Product Hunt

Snaggy - Share screenshots across the web with a single click. (Productivity, Photography, and Tech) Read the opinion of 15 influencers. Discover 4 alternatives like Screenshotter 2.0 and Infinit screenshot sharer


Peach - Luxurious toilet paper subscription | Product Hunt

Get signature Peach Bath Tissue delivered to your home monthly. Made of plush ply, air-finished, 100% sustainable virgin fiber. A purer, more uniform consistency which results in Peach bath tissue's incredible luxurious feel. Shipping is always free.


App for messaging without using phone number? | Product Hunt

Apps like "WhatsApp" and "Viber" need a phone number to work. What similar apps are there that can be used from an Android phone/tablet and PC without requiring a phone number? Instead, they could be using your email or an ID etc for making the connection.


Clerk Chat - Enable SMS for your business through Slack ...

Clerk Chat - Send and Receive SMS in Slack SMS is the new email. If you have customers or team members out of the office, one of the best ways to get your message in front of them is through text.


A Sex Journal for Couples - A simple tool for ...

I learned about the Sex Journal for Couples on EVERYMAN podcast episode #69 (go figure) and was excited to hear about @levinasays and @csspaulding being willing to share their experience and process. As someone who captures a lot of data about himself (true story: I have data going back to 2014 about nearly all of my sexual activities 🤓), I'm looking forward to this launch!


Our Place - Beautiful kitchenware for your home Just add ...

I'm excited about this mission-driven kitchen and cookware brand, Our Place. Like every company, Our Place's focus, brand and intentionality is set by the founders who lead by example. Ordered an Always Pan for @rrhoover and my home, and happy to get cooking~


6 best apps to group FaceTime | Product Hunt

House Party is one of the best ways to video chat with multiple people at once. It works incredibly well, and has a really fun, unique interface.


18 Kialo Reviews - Pros, Cons and Rating | Product Hunt

Kialo is a great platform for decision-making and seeing the reasoning behind different sides of issues. I like that it offers a better alternative to discussing things than social media platforms. If you see it more as a Wikipedia-type site, rather than a chatroom or comment thread, then the moderation aspect makes sense.


Mobbin - Latest mobile design patterns & elements library ...

Mobbin is a hand-picked collection of latest design patterns from mobile apps that reflect the best in design. Over 150 apps and 8,000 patterns (screenshots from iPhone X) are currently available on the platform. Get instant results through our comprehensive filter & search functions and save your favorite patterns into your own libraries.


Nototo - Notetaking for visual learners | Product Hunt

Heard about this product from a friend and was blown away when I checked it out. Most people are visual learners, and there are even memory techniques involving pegging down items to specific locations on one's body or in one's house, so this seems like a natural extension of that.


pix2pix - Turn your terrible doodles into cats and other ...

Pix2Pix is another good web tool for making horrifying autofill images Google's open-source machine learning project Tensorflow is probably used all the time for helpful things that advance the cause of mankind or something. But in my experience, what it has been best used for is making horrifying auto-generated images out of simple line drawings.


19 Scopio Reviews - Pros, Cons and Rating | Product Hunt

Bought a subscription, but can honestly say that the content has left me wanting... To compare products, I tried searching for the word "cinema" across multiple stockphoto platforms, but only using those I'd never heard of (found on a random online list), so as not to compare them to well-established giants like shutterstock, 5 out of 10 of these platforms BLEW scopio out of the water; 2 ...


9 Alternatives to Facebook Portal | Product Hunt

Panasonic, Anker, and Mobovi aren't the only companies at IFA showing smart speakers with Google Assistant built in. Sony announced this morning that it will ship a $200 smart speaker in mid October.


61 GEM Reviews - Pros, Cons and Rating | Product Hunt

It's so refreshing to be able to see the nutrients in the bite and understand where they come from. It's also great to not have to worry about purchasing a bunch of different supplements and rest assured that everything I need is in this one bite.