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Coupon Abbreviations and Couponing Lingo ~ What Does It Mean?

There are so many coupon terms, couponing abbreviations and slang words used in the world of couponing that it can get quite confusing. These couponing terms and Coupon abbreviations seem like another language when you’re just starting out.


Couponing | Definition of Couponing by Merriam-Webster

Couponing definition is - the distribution or redemption of coupons. ... Recent Examples on the Web But one experiences a lot of activity around couponing that may not be to that extent in Europe.


Couponing Terminology and Abbreviations - Dealspotr

Couponing Terminology and Abbreviations. Written by. Jason Feller. At first glance, couponing is pretty straightforward, but you quickly see how complicated it can get the more involved you become. Couponing has its own language and the vocabulary doesn’t always make much sense.


Coupon Lingo - A dictionary of common coupon slang

Coupon Lingo. Getting tongue tied by vocabulary? If you have absolutely no idea what most of this means, there's still hope for you. Make yourself some flash cards of need-to-know lingo on couponing and start talking the talk. Pop quiz next week. $1/1 or $1/2 - A dollar off one item or a dollar off two items (etc) 2/$1 - Two items for a dollar


Couponing | Definition of Couponing at

Couponing definition, the practice of distributing discount coupons to consumers as a form of product promotion. See more.


Couponing Lingo | Coupon Abbreviations, Terms & Slang

Couponing Lingo & Couponing Terms Terminology ... Below is a Grocery & Shopping Couponing Lingo Quick Reference Guide that contains a list of Couponing Lingo, Acronyms, Terms and Abbreviations that you will see on this site and other related sites, blogs, chat rooms and forums.


Coupon Lingo | Couponing Abbreviations, Terms & Slang

Coupon Lingo includes acronyms, terms and abbreviations for words that are used frequently by coupon shoppers. This lingo relates to couponing and shopping in general and is used by individuals, stores, websites, blogs, chat rooms and forums in order to save time and keystrokes when discussing coupon-related transactions and issues.


Couponing Glossary | CouponCabin

If you've ever looked for a coupon online, odds are you ve come across some words or abbreviations that were unfamiliar. Not to worry - your savings-obsessed friends at CouponCabin have put together a comprehensive glossary of popular terms used in the couponing world.


The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Couponing

Quick Start Guide to Couponing with KCL. First thing’s first: Download the FREE KCL Quick Start Guide to Couponing! Learn exactly how to choose a store, get free coupons and the apps you need, and find the best deals on your favorite brands.


Understanding the Coupon Language Used on Coupon Forums

Have you ever been to a popular coupon forum only to click away because you could not make sense of all the coupon language used by posters? If so, rest assured that you are not alone. The good news is that mastering the odd coupon terminology is not as difficult as you may think. The best way to learn the coupon lingo is to start using it.


Coupon | Definition of Coupon at

Coupon definition, a portion of a certificate, ticket, label, advertisement, or the like, set off from the main body by dotted lines or the like to emphasize its separability, entitling the holder to something, as a gift or discount, or for use as an order blank, a contest entry form, etc. See more.


Coupon Terms - Where There's a Willis

Coupon Friendly is a family-friendly website, striving to help save people money by sharing great deals, printable coupons and freebies along with samples by mail and product reviews. We understand life is hectic, so we also work hard to save you time so you have more opened windows of opportunities to relax and do things that YOU want to do.


Coupon | Definition of Coupon by Merriam-Webster

Coupon definition is - a statement of due interest to be cut from a bearer bond when payable and presented for payment; also : the interest rate of a coupon. How to use coupon in a sentence.


Coupon - What is a Coupon? - Retailing Terms

A promotional tool in the form of a document or electronic graphic that can be redeemed for a discount when purchasing goods or services. Coupons are generally issued by manufacturers or retailers to the consumer and may be distributed through direct mail, apps, social media or other marketing means.


Coupon Definition - Investopedia

A coupon or coupon payment is the annual interest rate paid on a bond, expressed as a percentage of the face value and paid from issue date until maturity. Coupons are usually referred to in terms of the coupon rate (the sum of coupons paid in a year divided by the face value of the bond in question).


What is coupon? definition and meaning ...

Definition of coupon: Bonds: (1) Bearer bond's detachable-stub (counterfoil) presented by a bondholder to the bond issuer for receiving interest payment. ... The coupon used by the customer was making both parties in the interaction and transaction pleased to be doing business.


Coupon Lingo: Abbreviations, Acronyms and Coupon Terms

Coupon Lingo: Abbreviations, Acronyms and Coupon Terms Posted on September 12, 2011 by Editor It can be confusing trying to make heads or tales of all the coupon abbreviations, acronyms and terms couponers use to describe shopping scenarios on blogs and in the forums.


What does coupon mean? definition, meaning and audio ...

Definition of coupon in the Dictionary. Meaning of coupon. What does coupon mean? Proper usage and audio pronunciation (plus IPA phonetic transcription) of the word coupon. Information about coupon in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.


Couponing Acronyms & Terms — Tip Resource

Couponing Acronyms & Terms. 8:55 am. by Jennifer Freeman. Acronyms, Abbreviations & Terms. This list I have slowly compiled over the years. If you think of any other terms or explanations to add to the list, please leave comments. This blog is for you and I appreciate your input.


Coupon: Lingo, Terms, Abbreviations & Acronyms! - MapleMoney

If you're new to couponing and are confused on the lingo, here's a list of the most commonly used coupon lingo, terms, abbreviations and acronyms for you.